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Leaky CMX.jpg

By 1977 I was beginning to learn Bob Hannah was not like most of the other riders of his era.  Here he is during a riders meeting.  I don't know the whole story behind "Leaky Larry" on the folding directors chair but he was doing his own thing emptying out his boots during the meeting.  Yamaha Team Manager Ken Clark seemed to be suspicious of why I was taking pictures of this scene. I heard from Ken Clark himself regarding this picture: "Hi Randy, I have solved the mystery! After much thought about this I remembered that I had a mechanic that was a boyhood friend of Keith McCartys named Larry, I called Keith and confirmed my recollection, "Leaky Larry" aka Larry Carpenter, Died young of a Heart attack after resigning from the team because he did not want to travel that much, Now I can sleep at night as this was keeping me awake thinking about it. Ken Clark."

Speed bag CMX.jpg

Later in '77 I took this shot of Hannah's speed bag hanging off a door on the Yamaha Support Van.  I never saw him use it but it had to be something of note by other riders seeing this "bull bag" in the pits.  By this year Hannah seemed to be winning most of the time. 

Grossi on a Carabela Herman 1978 CMX.jpg

I have mentioned it before but there really were many more bike brands during the '70's.  Here Billy Grossi is riding a very rare Mexican Carabela in '78.

Autographs circa 78 CMX.jpg

If you have ever been in the pits during a Supercross you can appreciate the difference of how it use to be.  There were no signing tables or lines.  You simply walked up to your hero like Jimmy Ellis and asked him to please sign something for you out of the back of the team van.

Facotry HD 250 77 CMX.jpg

Another rare bike was the Harley Davidson motocross bike of Marty Tripes in '77.  These were Italian made bikes with Harley badges.  The Harley MX team only lasted for a couple of years.

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