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TransAMA St. Peters MO Nov. 2nd 1975

DeCoster CoverCMX.jpg

I quick note about any of the pictures on this website.  You may see some pixelization in some photos.  The actual resolution of these images has been reduced for copyright purposes.  If and when I make prints available they will be higher quality.  For now this is my way of sharing these classic images. 

I attended my first TransAMA race just outside of St. Louis in the Fall of 1975.  This was my first time seeing Belgian Roger DeCoster ride in person.  He was someone I looked up to since I very first started riding.  It was fitting that he won that day and I took lots of pictures of him.  After seeing the photos I decided to submit them to a Kansas City based regional motorcycle racing newspaper the "Checkered Flag News".  To my surprise they used about 10 of my photos including the one above as the cover shot.  This led to a side job as motocross press photographer for the next few years.  Thirty years later I was able to present a copy of the photo to Roger at the Dallas SX race.  That encounter is pictured at the top left of the web page.  Go to "My Story Continued" for more details.


From the topCMX.jpg

The track at St. Peters was very friendly for viewing.  You could see almost the whole track from the hillside as DeCoster goes by.

The First Turn

First TurnCMX.jpg

Wolsink Leg drag CMX_0.jpg

Gerritt Wolsink was a Dutch Suzuki Team mate of DeCoster.  He always seemed to win the U.S. Grand Prix held in Carlsbad CA during this period.

Lackey sweeper CMX.jpg

Brad Lackey was my favorite American rider.  Compared to most U.S. riders at the time he along with Jim Pomeroy were more focused on racing the world championships in Europe.  The faster riders were in Europe back then and the TransAMA's were the premier U.S. based end of season series between Europeans and Americans. 

Weinert Fast Sweeper CMX.jpg

Jimmy Weinert was the U.S. 500cc class champion in '75 and earned the right to carry the #1 plate during the TransAMA series.

DeCoster Berm CMX.jpg

The track was built along the bluffs of the Missouri river with about half the track in the flat valley and the rest up and down the steep hills.  Here DeCoster is blasting out of a berm and flying back down into the valley.

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